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I was so happy when I came across this site...I had never seen any official gear for traders, until Pips and Shares! I had to order the "Foreign" shirt. It came really fast. It was soft, good quality, and washed well. As a Forex trader, it felt good to be able to trade in style : )
Tam. K
Hands down the cleanest design and fit. My fav shirt!
Eyon Johnson

October 22, 2021

I love this Bull-ish sweater! Amazing quality. Nice and cozy. Thanks!
Bullish Sweater
Brit T.


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Who is pips and shares?

Created by passionate millennial go getters, we are the generation of breaking down traditional money making ways, they wanted representation to portray their burning desire for the hustling and getting to it! Pips and Shares knows our market. We are crazy, dedicated, go getting junkies taking over coffee shops and all things concentration.
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